The Metrotower Office Complex is proud to be a partner with the many diverse tenants that occupy the towers.
If you are unable to locate the company you are looking for, please contact the Metrotower Office Complex administration office at 604-283-0888 or

A. Farber & Associates161650Metrotower I
ADP Canada181800Metrotower II
American Income Life (Altig)212136Metrotower I
ATL Senior Living111150Metrotower II
Auto SpaP-1ParkingMetrotower I
AU Milan232310Metrotower II
Bank of Montreal6600Metrotower I
Bank of Montreal222200Metrotower II
Basis Engineering101018/1088Metrotower II
BC Care Providers Association141424Metrotower I
BC Coroners Service8, 20800/2035Metrotower II
BC Hydro4, 5, 12, 20, 22400/500/1200/2000/2200Metrotower I
Beckhoff Automation Ltd.101020Metrotower I
Bluemyth Technologies (Subtenant of EMC)161620Metrotower I
Brinco Financial Services161630Metrotower I
Brown and Caldwell242410Metrotower I
Brown Crawshaw (BCI Consulting)232350Metrotower II
Capital Concepts Group101030Metrotower II
CDM Smith101001Metrotower I
Centurion Lumber Ltd.101010Metrotower I
CH2M Hill Inc. (Jacobs)20, 212010/2020/2100/2139Metrotower II
Challenger Logistics141428Metrotower I
Chee Dusevic (Antony S. Dusevic Law)232388Metrotower II
Cinnamon Jang Willoughby Consultants (CJW)9900Metrotower II
Commonwealth of Learning252500Metrotower I
Covalent111103Metrotower II
Crius Financial Services Corporation24, 252400/2500Metrotower II
Curtis Health Gym4400/428Metrotower II
Dale Carnegie101028Metrotower I
DP World151500Metrotower II
Dr. Silke Gumplinger101010Metrotower II
Ellis Mortgages Canada Inc./IQ Insurance/Brinco Financial161610/1630Metrotower I
Enns & Company CPA141418Metrotower I
Express Contacts Inc. (SMG)101030Metrotower I
First Canadian Management (FCMC)101050Metrotower II
Fraser Valley Wireless141409Metrotower I
Globe Visa Consulting7738Metrotower I
National Accounting6628Metrotower II
Hints Immigration232320Metrotower II
Infoblox111100Metrotower I
Interfor16, 171600/1700Metrotower II
International News (AIVO)Lobby104Metrotower II
IQ Insurance Service Inc161630Metrotower I
Ivanhoe Cambridge6604Metrotower II
KPMG242400Metrotower I
Lu Chan Notary Public101029Metrotower I
Mar-Itochu Steel7710Metrotower II
Meritigroup212133Metrotower I
MYSL141401Metrotower I
Nuriflex212109Metrotower I
Orbis Financial Services262600/2700Metrotower I
OXEC Immigration Services101008Metrotower I
Pacific Place Financial Services212129Metrotower I
PainPRO212148Metrotower I
Parsons22, 232200/2300Metrotower I
Perfect Entertainment232335Metrotower II
Public Safety Canada27,28,29,302700/2800/2900/3000Metrotower II
Raymond James111133Metrotower II
Regus (RGN)262600Metrotower II
Renaud Law111140Metrotower II
RLG International282800Metrotower I
Rogers Wireless17, 18, 191700/1800/1900Metrotower I
Shenglin Financial Inc.101020Metrotower II
Square Nine212132Metrotower I
Sunlife Assurance (Clarica)7720Metrotower II
Sunlife Assurance Company of Canada191900Metrotower II
Sunnyland Investments141498Metrotower II
Taiga Building Products7, 8701/747/800Metrotower I
Taisheng International111118Metrotower II
Vanpeople Network101028Metrotower II
World Financial Group9901Metrotower I