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Burnaby, BC V5H 4M2
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Metrotower I features outstanding panoramic views. Its central location provides direct access to SkyTrain and is located above the 400 shops and services of Metropolis at Metrotown retail shopping complex.  Amenities include 24 hour security, bike lockers, fitness centre and meeting facilities.

This 28 storey state-of-the-art office tower transports its occupants with six high speed elevators allowing tenants to take full advantage of the panoramic views from 16 corner offices, and over 550 linear feet of floor to ceiling glass per floor.  The handsome 32 foot high atrium lobby is constructed of granite, stainless steel and glass.  Seen from almost any point in the lower mainland, Metrotower I’s exterior is constructed of pewter with a glass curtain wall.  Modern elevator lobbies are spacious, bright and well lit with anodized stainless steel accents.


Metrotower I is a 28 storey, 261,000 square foot office tower designed by Stantec Architecture and constructed in 1989.

From the parkade, a shuttle elevator delivers tenants and visitors to the grand three-storey office tower lobby, dressed in highly-polished imported granite, and magnificent 32 foot high windows.  Volumes of natural light and giant tropical plants in the lobby introduce a healthy and positive office environment. Five high-speed elevators employing the most advanced Direct Dispatch elevator system service the 28 story “AAA” Class office Tower.

The perimeter-column-free, energy-saving, reflective glass façade of Metrotower I provides every floor with spectacular, uninterrupted, 360 degree views of the majestic north shore mountains, the waters of English Bay, and Downtown Vancouver.


Heating, ventilation and air conditioning is supplied to tenant premises by means of a ceiling ductwork system, through troffer light fixtures and perimeter diffusers. Return air for both interior and perimeter zones is taken through light fixture openings to the ceiling space, which acts as a return air plenum.

The HVAC system is controlled via a Reliable Controls Automation System. The VAV system provides a constant temperature, and the Perimeter Fan Coil Units provide heating and cooling. The average interior control zone on the VAV system is 1400 square feet; the average Perimeter Fan Coil control zone is 200 square feet. Conditioned outside air is introduced at a rate of 20 CFM per occupant. After hours HVAC is available at an additional hourly rate.


Lighting is provided by recessed 20″ x 60″, energy efficient, single tube T8 fluorescent fixtures with acrylic lenses. Open area lighting levels average 650 to 750 lux with a design criteria of 2.3 watts/sq.ft. at desk height. The light fixtures are portable plug-in fixtures, and fit in the 5′ -0″ ceiling module in any of six possible positions which provides complete flexibility in office space planning.

Lighting is controlled via a low voltage relay system by Canadian General Electric (CGE), allowing local control as well as central control by computer. The ceiling system is exposed T-bar based on a 20″ x 60″ grid. The lay-in acoustical panels are mineral fibre, 20″ x 60″, with a factory applied white finish with high light reflectance.


A grid of power outlets in the ceiling of each floor with empty conduit to a 120/208 Volt panel located on each floor. These panels obtain their power from the 347/600 Volt bus duct riser which serves no mechanical loads, reducing susceptibility to spikes and power dips. Space exists in each electrical room to add a second 120/208 Volt panel and transformer.

The electrical design criteria for tenant use is 1.5 watts/sq.ft. for normal power, and 2 watts/sq.ft. for computer use assuming a terminal and screen every 300 sq.ft. and a printer every 600 sq.ft.; one electrical outlet per 1500 sq.ft. is provided.


Standard tenant provisions include:

  • domestic cold water cap-offs at each floor
  • sanitary and vent cap-offs at each floor
  • an 8″ diameter exhaust cap-off at each floor for small tenant washrooms
  • closed circuit chilled water system provided for localized tenant cooling equipment such as computer facilities.


A computerized lighting control system, provides flexible scheduling, programming and monitoring of the building’s lights complete with colour graphics. Energy-efficient fluorescent tubes and electronic ballasts add to the energy savings program. Application programs such as time-of-day, duty cycle, start/stop time optimization, temperature re-set, night setback, peak demand limiting and Proportional Interval Derivative controls are tailored to control the VAV based air handling units, ventilation, chilled and hot water systems. All electric motors are energy efficient motors and some of the larger motors are coupled with variable speed drives. Programmable light switches can be commanded on and off allowing tenants to override the lighting control schedule of a zone and turn on the lighting for a pre-programmed time period.


Dover – overhead geared equipment
1000 ft./min. – 5 cabs
Servicing floors Lobby – 28
Elevator A combination passenger/service elevator


3 loading docks equipped with manual levellers, and ample short-term parking for courier vehicles provided with direct access to the freight elevator at the base of the office tower.


Management and maintenance staff are prepared to respond to all types of emergencies through a comprehensive Crisis Management Plan which details responsibilities, policies and procedures before, during and after any crisis. Metrotower I is fully-sprinklered, with voice-communications throughout. Each floor is supplied with fire hose connections, two pull-stations, hand-held fire extinguishers and firefighter telephones at stairwells. Stairwells are pressurized and equipped with emergency lighting. Emergency power is serviced twice yearly and every two years, a load bank test is preformed. Management holds Fire Safety meetings annually, maintains an up-to-date list of Fire Safety Volunteers and handicapped persons on each floor. Management also trains the volunteers in emergency evacuation procedures and reporting. Fire drills are held annually. The H.V.A.C. system is interlocked with fire protection systems while under fire mode. Management also provides information on this topic through the tenant information manual and through a 1-page easily understood pamphlet. First aid and emergency preparedness kits are available, and are located in Metrotower I lobby and in the administration office. Metrotower I and parkade are fully sprinkled with semi recessed pendant heads and are provided with a fully supervised zoned, two-stage fire alarm system. The fire alarm system is designed such that if positive action is not taken within 5 minutes of a first stage signal, the system will automatically go into second stage alarm. Smoke detectors are provided at the top of all exit stairwells as well as in the re-circulating air handling system. An emergency voice communication system is provided, with speakers located throughout the building; a microphone for Fire Department use is located at the panel in the main lobby as well as at the main security control room located on the P1 level of the parkade. Firefighter telephones are located in all stairwells. Emergency power is provided at 347/600 Volts from the 1000kVA diesel generator located in the loading area to provide power to emergency lighting, exit lighting, fire pumps, fire fighters elevator, smoke exhaust fans, pressurization fans, and selected mechanical equipment.


Address4710 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC
Floors28 stories
Year Built1989
Total Area264,000 square feet
Average Floor Plate11,000 square feet
Maximum Core to Glazing Depth36 Feet
Parking1 stall per 750 square feet at market rates. 4 hours of free visitor parking.
Taxes & Operating Costs$18.56 per square foot (2017 Estimate)
Green Certification Recognized as BOMA BEST CERTIFIED GOLD